Global Tech Firm | A Technology Company
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The Process






Get to know our company

Global Tech Firm is a diverse and decentralized team of technology experts who build custom products, consult with companies, and connect companies to other companies. We are the creative agency that brings ambitious brands to the next level by transforming their digital business. Global Tech Firm works with companies of all size from all around the world. We enjoy working with startups and entrepreneurs who have ideas to change the world and corporations who want to build custom products for internal and external use. Global Tech Firm is here to offer digital services to all walks of life from all lands of the earth.

About Us


Global Tech Firm works with startups large and small. Our diverse and global team focuses on building world class technology so you can focus on leading and managing the business.


Global Tech Firm works with corporations large and small. Our diverse and global team focuses on building world class technology so you can focus on leading and managing the business.


Global Tech Firm works at an hourly rate of $150 per hour. We prefer to estimate the cost before the project starts and agree to a fixed price per project rather than price per hour. We are flexible and ready to negotiate with our clients at any time.


Global Tech Firm creates partnerships with startups. We bring our hourly rate down to a minimum and work for equity. We are always looking to build long term relationships so we can focus on the technology and you can focus on the business.


Global Tech Firm is built on trust. We believe in the power of building strong relationships with our clients. We operate on a philosophy of truth and transparency. We promise to be open an honest with you from start to finish.


Global Tech Firm takes pride in our work. We promise to work until the client is 110% satisfied. Our company is built on a strong reputation for quality design and development, and we will never do anything to ruin that.

Our Services

Artificial Intelligence

We build with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Augmented Reality

We build awesome augmented reality mobile apps.

Beta Testing

We test websites and mobile apps for bugs.


We build on the blockchain with smart contracts.


We consult with companies around the world.

Cyber Security

We protect your technology with cybersecurity.


We host your website and mobile app on our cloud servers.

Internet of Things

We build custom internet of things solutions.

Mobile App

We build the world’s most beautiful mobile apps.


We design the world’s greatest websites and mobile apps.

Virtual Reality

We build awesome virtual reality mobile apps.


We build the world’s most beautiful websites.

Our Technologies