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The Boom of AI

The Boom of AI

The Rapid Boom of Artificial Intelligence Today

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that highlights the creation of intelligence machines or computers that comprehend and function exactly like humans.

Artificial intelligence used to be an anomaly completely constricted to science-fiction movies, but the story is not the same today. Technology has actually measured up to the imagination, and now artificial intelligence is a part of our existence.

Currently, Artificial intelligence is a prominent topic of discussion in not only the technology but also the business sphere. While experts and analysts tag artificial intelligence as the future, this article will convince you that artificial intelligence is the present. This is because there is a rapid boom in the world of machines today.

With the growth in recent technology, humans are already linked to artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is not restricted to just the technology industry as it is greatly used in medical, business, education, law and manufacturing industries. More companies are investing funds in machine research signifying a large advancement in Artificial intelligence products.

Three basic prerequisites describe artificial intelligence, and these are;

  • Artificial intelligence is required to modify its performance based on exposure.
  • It cannot be fully reliant on orders from humans and so should be able to learn on its own.
  • Artificial intelligence should be able to provide unexpected results.

In this article, we will highlight some of the artificial intelligence solutions we make use of today. Let’s explore these AI technologies, shall we?


It is a prominent personal assistant provided by Apple and seen majorly in iPhones and iPads. The cheerful female voice-initiated assistant communicates with its users routinely. It helps to source information, get directions, send messages, etc.

Siri is presumably one of the quintessential examples of machine-learning capabilities of gadgets. This is because it can discern vocabulary, inquiries, and requests.


Asides smartphones, automobiles are also headed towards artificial intelligence. The car has attained quite some distinctions and makes use of features such as self-driving skills, predictive potentiality, and overall technological innovation. The car gets smarter daily via air refurbishments.


Cogito was co-founded by Drs Sandy and Joshua. It is arguably one of the best examples of the behavioral adaptation used to boost the intelligence of customer support representatives.

Cogito is a fusion of machine learning and behavioral science to elevate customer participation for phone experts. Cogito analyzes the human voice and offers virtual instructions to boost behavior.

Nest (Google)

Nest used to be among the most prominent and successful artificial intelligence startup. The Nest learning thermostat makes use of behavioral algorithms to save energy based on a person’s behavior and program.

It operates with an intelligent machine learning process that Masters the temperature an individual likes and schedules itself in roughly a week. It is a combination of both artificial intelligence and Bluetooth low-energy.

To Wrap It Up

Artificial intelligence is acquiring prominence at a speedy level, changing how we live, communicate and enhance customer exposure. There is much more to come in the future with lots of enhancements, creations, and governance. Artificial intelligence can function with humans to build a dynamic environment.

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