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The Application Of Nanotechnology In Daily Routines

There is a remarkable interdisciplinary union of scientists committed to the study of a very small world, a world we cannot see even with a light microscope. That small world is the field of nanotechnology, the domain of atoms and nano-structures.

There is nothing on Earth that is not made up of atoms. This ranges from the food we eat, the clothes we put on, the buildings and houses that shelter us, and finally our very own bodies.

Nanotechnology is the ability to see and to manage individual atoms and molecules. It is a field of research and modification concerned with building things such as materials and devices based on the scale of atoms and molecules. Essentially, a nanometer is one-billionth of a meter which is ten times the diameter of a hydrogen atom.

However, the microscopes needed to see things at the nanoscale were created about 30 years ago. Immediately scientists had the correct apparatus, which were the scanning tunneling microscope (STM) and the atomic force microscope (AFM), the era of nanotechnology was born.

What Does It Do?

The Nanotechnology is lauded as having the potential to boost the effective energy utilization. It basically helps sanitize the environment and figure out health issues. The Nanotechnology is said to be able to enhance manufacturing production at a relatively affordable cost enormously. The products of nanotechnology are smaller, affordable, lighter but more operational and make use of less energy and a few raw materials to manufacture products.

Daily Application Of Nanotechnology

Although nanotechnology is an approximately fresh science, it already has many applications in our everyday lives, cutting across consumer goods, medicine and developing the environment.

Some of these daily applications include;


Medicine is presently being advanced by applying nanoparticles to carry drugs, heat, light and other elements to some particular types of cells, namely; cancer cells. Particles are created so that they can appeal to diseased cells, which enables direct treatment of those cells. This approach lowers the damage to healthy cells in the body and aids in the quick detection of disease.


Through Nanotechnology, electronics enhance display screens on electronic devices, and these include improving display screens on electronics devices and also expanding the density of memory chips. It can also diminish the size of transistors used on unified circuits.


The word “Nanotechnology” is being used in diverse applications to enhance the environment. This consists of cleaning up pollution, enhancing formation to diminish the procreation of new pollution. This makes different energy sources more expensive.

Consumer Products

The Nanotechnology has made its way into diverse consumer products starting from clothing to skin oil. Some include Lithium-ion batteries that utilize nanoparticle-based electrodes that power plug-in electric cars. And also, the flame retardant created by coating the foam used in building furniture with carbon nano-fibers.

Wrapping It Up

Most of the benefits of Nanotechnology will likely occur shortly, however, it is already helping to enhance our world in many diverse ways. While lots of people tend to think of Nanotechnology as something alien, maybe because the word “technology” means artificial and human-made, but life itself is a very good example of Nanotechnology.

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