Global Tech Firm | A Simple Guide To Web Hosting
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A Simple Guide To Web Hosting

A Simple Guide To Web Hosting

A Simple Guide To Web Hosting

In the World we live in today, there is barely anything that is not carried out online. Clearly, having an online presence enables you to communicate with others in ways that were impossible back in the days. This only makes the benefits of having an online presence necessary. However, the journey to begin a website creation can be a bewildering and baffling task.

Simply defined, Web hosting is a large computer basically known as servers; wherein people store their websites. It is a service that allows an individual to publish his/her website live online. The same way we all need somewhere to live, your website needs the same too.

Web hosting is a service that involves paying a person so you can make use of their servers to broadcast your website. In a majority of cases, you are charged on monthly grounds, and you have access to support and some other features along with your hosting.                

However, a hosting provider is an organization that provides all the necessary technology you need to get your site hosted. They can be a little bit likened to the architects we have in the real world.   The job of these web hosts is to provide the servers that distribute your site to your users.

The Need For Web Hosting

Except you are making use of platforms such as to operate your website, web hosting will be needed for your website. It is essentially useful so that the website appears live on the internet and lots of people can view it.

Although, making use of a website is fantastic for those just starting. This is because they offer free hosting to owners and a specific number of other features. It is advisable to however invest in a self-hosted solution such as instead.

Using a website with web hosting provides quite some benefits such as;

  • Control
  • Customization
  • Choice
  • Security
  • Revenue

In the area of security and predictability, using a hosted website, you have the guarantee of your web host that your website’s data is safe and protected. Also have in mind that, your data is kept on servers situated in data centers.

Note that these data centers are staffed by security guards and make use of technology such as video surveillance to ensure your site and all of its files are secure.

Types Of Web Hosting

There are five basic types of web hosting. Let’s go through them, shall we?

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is wonderful for those who have little technical knowledge and are on a limited budget. Here, the web hosting company will control the hardware, script language, and other software essential to keep the website running.

Dedicated Hosting

It is a little bit more expensive than shared hosting, though the added costs come with added perks. Here your website is the only one present on its server that you have borrowed from. This gives the owner more technical control by enabling him/her to run a larger variety of software on the website.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

It is a mixture between shared and dedicated hosting. With this, your website actually shares a server with other websites, but different from shared hosting, that server does not have as many websites on it and is divided into other virtual servers.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting functions in almost the opposite direction of Virtual Private Server hosting. While Virtual Private Server hosting collects one machine and builds several virtual servers, with cloud hosting; it takes many machines and uses them to build one or more virtual servers shared across all of them.

Co-location Hosting

Co-location web hosting is basically the only option via a web hosting company in which you own the server outright instead of leasing the equipment. Here, you will rent the physical space that the server is stored at the web host’s location with other servers. The owner is responsible for maintaining every aspect of the website.

In Conclusion

Online branding is compulsory in our society for both individuals and more prominent organizations. Although having social media accounts are necessary, boosting your status to the professional level involves knowing the ins and outs of broadcasting and operating a website.

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